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Furniture Achievements list

Name Achievement
Door, Akatosh Chancel Door, Akatosh Chancel Sunspire Completed Defeat Yolnahkriin, Lokkestiiz, and Nahviintaas in Sunspire.
Dragon Shrine Altar Dragon Shrine Altar Skald-King's Salvation Save Jorunn the Skald-King at Mistwatch Tower.
Dragonguard Banner Dragonguard Banner Companion of Sai Sahan Help Sai Sahan discover a way to fight back against the Dragon invasion in Elsweyr.
Dragonguard Sarcophagus Dragonguard Sarcophagus Dragonguard Operative Complete 30 Dragonguard Quests, including Daily Quests from Dirge Truptor or Chizbari the Chipper, to restore the ancient order and unlock additional services at the Dragonguard Sanctum.
Dwarven Brazier, Eternal Dwarven Brazier, Eternal Nchuleftingth Conqueror Defeat all of the champions in Nchuleftingth.
Dwarven Tonal Arc Dwarven Tonal Arc Frostvault Vanquisher Defeat Icestalker, Warlord Tzogvin, the Vault Protector, Rizzuk Bonechill, and the Stonekeeper in Frostvault.
Echalette Echalette A Gift from Orsinium Come visit the Orcs' newly rebuilt capital city: Orsinium!
Enchanted Text, Illusory Forest Enchanted Text, Illusory Forest Summerset Grand Adventurer Complete 33 unique quests in Summerset.
Energetic Animo Core Energetic Animo Core Brass Fortress Quarter Master Complete 30 Brass Fortress resupply dailies.
Evergloam Wispstone Evergloam Wispstone Enemy of My Enemy Complete the "A Necessary Alliance" quest.
Evermore Mourning Banner Evermore Mourning Banner Evermore Defender Stop the Reachmen from attacking Evermore.
Fan of False-Face Fan of False-Face Relics of Summerset Retrieve the 20 dangerous relics stolen from the Vault of Moawita.
Fire Drake's Skull Fire Drake's Skull Grand Relic Guardian Defeat 100 Relic carriers in Battlegrounds.
Fires of the Wilderking Fires of the Wilderking Court Ranger Protect the Court of the Wilderking.
Fishing Vessel Fishing Vessel Master Fisher Complete all fishing achievements.
Full Moons Tile Full Moons Tile Reaper's March Adventurer Complete 45 unique quests in Reaper's March.
Fur Throne Fur Throne Wrothgar Adventurer Complete 27 unique quests in Wrothgar.
Gargoyle Statue Gargoyle Statue Hero of House Tamrith Kill Reezal-Jul at Camp Tamrith and save the Crestshade refugees.
Glass Crystal, Plume Glass Crystal, Plume Pilgrim Protector End the threat to the pilgrims at Molag Mar.
Glass Crystal, Radiance Glass Crystal, Radiance Pilgrim Protector End the threat to the pilgrims at Molag Mar.
Glass Crystals, Bed Glass Crystals, Bed Pilgrim Protector End the threat to the pilgrims at Molag Mar.
Glenmoril Wyrd Stone Glenmoril Wyrd Stone Bangkorai Adventurer Complete 36 unique quests in Bangkorai.
Gold Coast Estate Keg Gold Coast Estate Keg Dark Initiate Complete the "Signed in Blood" Dark Brotherhood quest in the Gold Coast.
Grave-Stake, Small Glyphed Grave-Stake, Small Glyphed Surreptitiously Shadowed Get to know the Shadowscale with peculiar interest in your activities in Murkmire.
Gray Reliquary Gray Reliquary Unhallowed Grave Vanquisher Defeat Hakgrym the Howler, the Keeper of the Kiln, the Eternal Aegis, Ondagore the Mad, and Kjalnar Tombskald in the Unhallowed Grave.
Guardian Mane Guardian Mane Hero of Falinesti Free Nairume from her prison and retrieve Rajhin's Mantle.
Hagraven Totem Hagraven Totem Glenumbra Adventurer Complete 53 quests in Glenumbra.
Handfast Handfast Malabal Tor Adventurer Complete 40 unique quests in Malabal Tor.
Handfast Pedestal Handfast Pedestal Matchmaker Restore the Silvenar and the Green Lady to their rightful place in Malabal Tor.
Hanging Hourglass Hanging Hourglass Wrath of Sithis Complete "The Wrath of Sithis" Dark Brotherhood quest in the Gold Coast.
Hanging Map of Tamriel Hanging Map of Tamriel Tamriel Trailblazer Discover all of the striking locales in the core regions of the Aldmeri Dominion, the Daggerfall Covenant, the Ebonheart Pact, and Coldharbour.
Hanging Wedding Lantern Hanging Wedding Lantern Wedding Crashers Complete quest "Forever Hold Your Peace" in Hew's Bane.
Hectahame Arboretum Relic Hectahame Arboretum Relic Valenwood Protector Cleanse the corruption from Valenwood.
Hemo Helot, Benign Hemo Helot, Benign Moongrave Fane Vanquisher Defeat the Risen Ruins, Dro'zakar, the Kujo Kethba, Nisaazda, and Grundwulf in Moongrave Fane.
Hiding Place Hiding Place Always Travel Separately Complete quest "Cleaning House" in Hew's Bane.
High Elf Throne High Elf Throne A Rule Unquestioned Defeat a hidden threat to the Dominion in Auridon.
Hope of Rivenspire Hope of Rivenspire Hero of House Dorell Kill Lady Lleraya Montclair at Northpoint and set Baron Dorell's city free.
Horn of the Reachclans Horn of the Reachclans Falkreath Hold Vanquisher Defeat Morrigh Bullblood, the Siege Mammoth, Cernunnon, Deathlord Bjarfrud Skjoralmor, and Domihaus the Bloody-Horned in Falkreath Hold.
Hourglass Rug Hourglass Rug Sermonizer Subduer Complete the "A Lesson in Silence" Dark Brotherhood quest in the Gold Coast.
Icebound Dwarven Spider Icebound Dwarven Spider Frostvault Conqueror Defeat Icestalker, Warlord Tzogvin, the Vault Protector, Rizzuk Bonechill, and the Stonekeeper in Veteran Frostvault.
Icereach Coven Totem, Emblem Icereach Coven Totem, Emblem Icereach Vanquisher Defeat Kjarg the Tuskscraper, Sister Skelga, Vearogh the Shambler, the Stormborn Revenant, and the Icereach Coven in Icereach.
Imperial Banner Imperial Banner Imperial Sewers Pathfinder Discover all of the striking locales in the Imperial Sewers.
Iron Wheel Banner Iron Wheel Banner Iron Wheel Infiltration Complete quest "The Long Game" in Hew's Bane.
Jackal Jackal Spoils of Abah's Landing Travel to the notorious free port of Abah's Landing!
Jar of Green Dye Jar of Green Dye Never, Ever Steal From the Guild Complete quest "A Flawless Plan" in Hew's Bane.
Khajiit Burial Mound Khajiit Burial Mound Rimmen Necropolis Conqueror Defeat all of the champions in Rimmen Necropolis.
Khajiit Lion Crest Khajiit Lion Crest Assassination Cessation Complete "The Final Order" quest in Northern Elsweyr.
Khajiit Wagon, Merchant Khajiit Wagon, Merchant Anequina Dragon Stalker Kill 25 Dragons in the wilds of Northern Elsweyr.
Khajiit Wagon, Ruined Khajiit Wagon, Ruined Anequina Dragon Killer Kill 1 Dragon in the wilds of Northern Elsweyr.
Khajiiti Shrine Guardian Statue Khajiiti Shrine Guardian Statue Two Moons Pathwalker Walk the Two Moons Path with the next Mane.

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