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Furniture Achievements list

Name Achievement
Painted Rock, Swirls Painted Rock, Swirls Helping the Helpless Provide help for those within South Guard Ruins and Black Heights.
Pirate Banner Pirate Banner Famed Recruiter Recruit all three famous privateers on Stros M'Kai.
Plant Cluster, Azureblight Scaleleaf Plant Cluster, Azureblight Scaleleaf Lair of Maarselok Vanquisher Defeat Selene, Maarselok in flight, the Azureblight Cancroid, Maarselok on his perch, and Maarselok in his roost in Lair of Maarselok.
Preserved Sweetrolls Preserved Sweetrolls Gold Coast Connections Aid each of the notable figures recently arrived on the Gold Coast.
Primal Altar to Hircine Primal Altar to Hircine Lycanthropy Master Reach the max level of the Werewolf Skill Line.
Probably-Not-Punch Bowl of Mayhem Probably-Not-Punch Bowl of Mayhem Star-Made Knight Complete each of the Whitestrake's Mayhem achievements.
Projection Stone, Moons Projection Stone, Moons Betrayer Breaker Complete the "Cadwell the Betrayer" quest in Northern Elsweyr.
Psijic Control Globe, Inactive Psijic Control Globe, Inactive Unreliable Narrator Complete the "Lost in Translation" quest.
Ragged Imperial Banner Ragged Imperial Banner End of Empire Drive the Imperial forces out of Bangkorai.
Reconstructed Necromantic Focus Reconstructed Necromantic Focus Alasan's Devastation Defeat Alasan and restore the Ansei Ward.
Reliquary Skull Reliquary Skull Welcome to the Thieves Guild Join the Thieves Guild by completing quest "Partners in Crime" in Hew's Bane.
Remnant of Argon, Replica Remnant of Argon, Replica The River of Rebirth Complete the "By River and Root" quest.
Remnant of Balreth Remnant of Balreth Balreth's Bane Destroy Balreth and return the Brother of Strife to slumber.
Replica Black Soul Gem Replica Black Soul Gem Daughter of Giants Complete Main Quest Chapter 2.
Replica Cursed Orb of Meridia Replica Cursed Orb of Meridia Depths of Malatar Vanquisher Defeat the Scavenging Maw, the Weeping Woman, the Dark Orb, King Narilmor, and the Symphony of Blades in Depths of Malatar.
Replica Dragon Horn, Large Replica Dragon Horn, Large Assassination Cessation Complete "The Final Order" quest in Northern Elsweyr.
Replica Dragon Horn, Small Replica Dragon Horn, Small Assassination Cessation Complete "The Final Order" quest in Northern Elsweyr.
Replica Dreamshard Replica Dreamshard Rude Awakening End the nightmares in Stormhaven.
Replica Mnemic Egg Replica Mnemic Egg Shadowfen Adventurer Complete 51 unique quests in Shadowfen.
Replica of Shattered Ansei Sword Replica of Shattered Ansei Sword Consecrated Ground Put the dead to rest in Alik'r.
Replica of The Heart of Transparent Law Replica of The Heart of Transparent Law Savior of Summerset Complete quests, defeat bosses, and explore delves to become the Savior of Summerset.
Replica of the Xinchei-Konu Replica of the Xinchei-Konu Chronic Chronologer Collect and restore all the stone tablets in the Xinchei-Konu, an ancient Argonian calendar.
Replica Rithana-Di-Renada Replica Rithana-Di-Renada Mural Mender Collect and restore all fragments of the Rithana-di-Renada, an ancient Khajiiti mural, for the House of Histories.
Replica Soul Gem Replica Soul Gem The Harborage Complete Main Quest Chapter 1.5.
Replica Stone Nest Replica Stone Nest Mnemic Egg Guardian Recover the Mnemic Egg from the Dominion.
Replica Stone of Ashalmawia Replica Stone of Ashalmawia Hand of the Mistress Foil a usurper's plot, and assist Mistress Dratha with plans to prolong her life.
Revolving Celestiodrome Revolving Celestiodrome The Burden of Knowledge Complete the "The Light of Knowledge" quest.
Rise of the Silvenar Rise of the Silvenar Valenwood Protector Cleanse the corruption from Valenwood.
Ritual Chalice, Hircine Ritual Chalice, Hircine March of Sacrifices Vanquisher Defeat the Wyrd Sisters, Aghaedh of the Solstice, Dagrund the Bulky, Tarcyr, and Balorgh in March of Sacrifices.
Riverhold Defense Spikes, Piled Riverhold Defense Spikes, Piled Riverhold Defender Complete "The Battle for Riverhold" quest in Northern Elsweyr.
Riverhold Defense Spikes, Roof-Mounted Riverhold Defense Spikes, Roof-Mounted Riverhold Defender Complete "The Battle for Riverhold" quest in Northern Elsweyr.
Sacred Guar Skull Sacred Guar Skull Ald'ruhn Annalist Discover the secret of the Hleran Ancestral Tomb.
Sanctuary Sconce Sanctuary Sconce Brethren Benefactor Complete the "Questions of Faith" Dark Brotherhood quest in the Gold Coast.
Scintillant Dovah-Fly Scintillant Dovah-Fly Treasure of the Brass Fortress Travel to the Brass Fortress in Clockwork City.
Sea Elf Banner Sea Elf Banner Veil Lifter End the Veiled Heritance threat in Greenshade.
Seed Doll, Turtle Seed Doll, Turtle Sap-Sleeper Complete the "Death and Dreaming" quest.
Senchal Banner Senchal Banner Return of the Dragonguard Complete "The Dragonguard" quest in Southern Elsweyr.
Serien's Stand Serien's Stand General Serien's Demise Slay General Serien and stop the Covenant invasion of Stonefalls.
Serpent Stone Serpent Stone Dragonstar Arena Champion Conquer all challengers and earn the title of Dragonstar Arena Champion!
Shackle Control Stone Shackle Control Stone Guardian of the Great Mage Rescue the Great Mage, Vanus Galerion, and help him destroy Molag Bal's Great Shackle.
Shimmerene Banner, Hanging Shimmerene Banner, Hanging The Good of the Many Stop the conspiracy sowing chaos through Summerset, protect the Crystal Tower, and forge a new alliance to restore the Isles to order.
Silent Sentinel Silent Sentinel The Shadow of Sancre Tor Complete Main Quest Chapter 5.
Silt Strider Shell, Hollow Silt Strider Shell, Hollow Strider Caravaner Visit the silt strider caravaner at each of the stations in Vvardenfell.
Skeleton Key Replica Skeleton Key Replica The Burden of Knowledge Complete the "The Light of Knowledge" quest.
Skull of the Pit Daemon Skull of the Pit Daemon Grand Relic Guardian Defeat 100 Relic carriers in Battlegrounds.
Snake Prayer Tile Snake Prayer Tile Celestial Investigator Discover why the Celestials have appeared in Craglorn.
Soul Gem Case Soul Gem Case Chasing Shadows Complete Main Quest Chapter 2.5.
Soul Gem Crate Soul Gem Crate The Tharn Speaks Complete Main Quest Chapter 3.5.
Soul Gem Stand Soul Gem Stand Council of the Five Companions Complete Main Quest Chapter 5.5.
Spare Covenant Ballista Figurehead Spare Covenant Ballista Figurehead Alliance War Sergeant Earn the rank of Sergeant in the Alliance War.

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