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Furniture in category Mounts

Name Category Craftable
Pale Velothi Guar Pale Velothi Guar Mounts No
Palomino Horse Palomino Horse Mounts No
Pellitine Mustang Pellitine Mustang Mounts No
Phantom Ice Wolf Phantom Ice Wolf Mounts No
Piebald Destrier Piebald Destrier Mounts No
Pineblossom Vale Elk Pineblossom Vale Elk Mounts No
Plague Husk Horse Plague Husk Horse Mounts No
Plagueborn Senche-Panther Plagueborn Senche-Panther Mounts No
Planemeld Courser Planemeld Courser Mounts No
Pride-King Lion Pride-King Lion Mounts No
Psijic Bear Exemplar Psijic Bear Exemplar Mounts No
Psijic Camel Exemplar Psijic Camel Exemplar Mounts No
Psijic Escort Charger Psijic Escort Charger Mounts No
Psijic Guar Exemplar Psijic Guar Exemplar Mounts No
Psijic Horse Exemplar Psijic Horse Exemplar Mounts No
Psijic Senche Exemplar Psijic Senche Exemplar Mounts No
Psijic Spectral Steed Psijic Spectral Steed Mounts No
Psijic Wolf Exemplar Psijic Wolf Exemplar Mounts No
Pure-Snow Indrik Pure-Snow Indrik Mounts No
Pyre Watch Jackal Pyre Watch Jackal Mounts No
Queen's Claw Senche-Raht Queen's Claw Senche-Raht Mounts No
Rahd-m'Athra Rahd-m'Athra Mounts No
Red Pit Wolf Red Pit Wolf Mounts No
Rimmen Ringtailed Wolf Rimmen Ringtailed Wolf Mounts No
Sabre Cat Sabre Cat Mounts No
Sabre Cat Frost Atronach Sabre Cat Frost Atronach Mounts No
Sagacious Psijic Senche Sagacious Psijic Senche Mounts No
Sanguivorian Howler Sanguivorian Howler Mounts No
Sapiarchic Senche-Serval Sapiarchic Senche-Serval Mounts No
Scorched Alley Howler Scorched Alley Howler Mounts No
Scorching Horse-Lizard Scorching Horse-Lizard Mounts No
Senche of Scarlet Regret Senche of Scarlet Regret Mounts No
Senche-Cougar Senche-Cougar Mounts No
Senche-Leopard Senche-Leopard Mounts No
Senche-Lioness Senche-Lioness Mounts No
Senche-Lizard Steed Senche-Lizard Steed Mounts No
Senche-Raht Senche-Raht Mounts No
Shadow Atronach Senche Shadow Atronach Senche Mounts No
Shadow-Rider Senche Shadow-Rider Senche Mounts No
Shadowcap Cave-Senche Shadowcap Cave-Senche Mounts No
Shadowghost Guar Shadowghost Guar Mounts No
Shadowghost Horse Shadowghost Horse Mounts No
Shadowghost Senche Shadowghost Senche Mounts No
Shadowghost Wolf Shadowghost Wolf Mounts No
Shellback Warhorse Shellback Warhorse Mounts No
Siegemaster's Warhorse Siegemaster's Warhorse Mounts No
Silver Dawn Argent Charger Silver Dawn Argent Charger Mounts No
Skeletal Bear Skeletal Bear Mounts No
Skeletal Camel Skeletal Camel Mounts No
Skeletal Guar Skeletal Guar Mounts No

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