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Furniture in craft Hearth

Name Category Craftable
Cauldron of Stew Cauldron of Stew Hearth > Cookware Yes
Cauldron, Covered Cauldron, Covered Hearth > Cookware Yes
Cleaver, Butcher's Cleaver, Butcher's Hearth > Utensils Yes
Clockwork Barrel, Sealed Clockwork Barrel, Sealed Workshop > Cargo Yes
Clockwork Barrel, Wide Clockwork Barrel, Wide Workshop > Cargo Yes
Clockwork Cabinet, Sequence Plaque Clockwork Cabinet, Sequence Plaque Library > Shelves Yes
Clockwork Chair, Practical Clockwork Chair, Practical Dining > Chairs Yes
Clockwork Chair, Reinforced Clockwork Chair, Reinforced Dining > Chairs Yes
Clockwork Coffer, Robust Clockwork Coffer, Robust Suite > Trunks Yes
Clockwork Crate, Large Closed Clockwork Crate, Large Closed Workshop > Cargo Yes
Clockwork Crate, Large Open Clockwork Crate, Large Open Workshop > Cargo Yes
Clockwork Crate, Square Clockwork Crate, Square Workshop > Cargo Yes
Clockwork Crate, Wide Clockwork Crate, Wide Workshop > Cargo Yes
Clockwork Cup, Empty Clockwork Cup, Empty Hearth > Drinkware Yes
Clockwork Drafting Table, Flat Clockwork Drafting Table, Flat Library > Desks Yes
Clockwork Drafting Table, Raised Clockwork Drafting Table, Raised Library > Desks Yes
Clockwork Flask Stand, Short Clockwork Flask Stand, Short Workshop > Tools Yes
Clockwork Flask Stand, Tall Clockwork Flask Stand, Tall Workshop > Tools Yes
Clockwork Furnace, Socketed Clockwork Furnace, Socketed Workshop > Machinery Yes
Clockwork Goblet, Empty Clockwork Goblet, Empty Hearth > Drinkware Yes
Clockwork Keg, Sturdy Clockwork Keg, Sturdy Hearth > Stockroom Yes
Clockwork Lectern, Empty Clockwork Lectern, Empty Library > Supplies Yes
Clockwork Mug, Reinforced Clockwork Mug, Reinforced Hearth > Drinkware Yes
Clockwork Nightstand, Octagonal Clockwork Nightstand, Octagonal Suite > Nightstands Yes
Clockwork Pump, Vertical Clockwork Pump, Vertical Workshop > Pipes and Mechanisms Yes
Clockwork Scales, Precision Calibrated Clockwork Scales, Precision Calibrated Workshop > Tools Yes
Clockwork Sequence Plaque, Single Clockwork Sequence Plaque, Single Library > Literature Yes
Clockwork Sequence Plaques, Folded Clockwork Sequence Plaques, Folded Library > Literature Yes
Clockwork Sequence Plaques, Unfolded Clockwork Sequence Plaques, Unfolded Library > Literature Yes
Clockwork Sequence Spool, Single Clockwork Sequence Spool, Single Library > Shelves Yes
Clockwork Sequence Spool, Triple Clockwork Sequence Spool, Triple Library > Shelves Yes
Clockwork Shelf, Wall Clockwork Shelf, Wall Library > Shelves Yes
Clockwork Somnolostation Clockwork Somnolostation Suite > Bedding Yes
Clockwork Stool, Practical Clockwork Stool, Practical Workshop > Stools Yes
Clockwork Surveyor's Tripod, Calibrated Clockwork Surveyor's Tripod, Calibrated Workshop > Tools Yes
Clockwork Table, Beveled Clockwork Table, Beveled Dining > Tables Yes
Clockwork Table, Grand Clockwork Table, Grand Dining > Tables Yes
Clockwork Table, Octagonal Clockwork Table, Octagonal Dining > Tables Yes
Clockwork Vent, Octagonal Fan Clockwork Vent, Octagonal Fan Workshop > Machinery Yes
Clockwork Wall Machinery, Arched Clockwork Wall Machinery, Arched Workshop > Machinery Yes
Clockwork Wardrobe, Precision Engineered Clockwork Wardrobe, Precision Engineered Suite > Wardrobes Yes
Common Cage, Hunting Common Cage, Hunting Workshop > Tools Yes
Common Cleaver, Cooking Common Cleaver, Cooking Hearth > Utensils Yes
Common Inkwell, Practical Common Inkwell, Practical Library > Supplies Yes
Common Lantern, Hanging Common Lantern, Hanging Lighting > Lanterns Yes
Common Lantern, Stationary Common Lantern, Stationary Lighting > Lanterns Yes
Common Plate, Setting Common Plate, Setting Hearth > Dishes Yes
Common Plate, Simple Common Plate, Simple Hearth > Dishes Yes
Common Platter, Serving Common Platter, Serving Hearth > Dishes Yes
Common Post, Flag Pole Common Post, Flag Pole Courtyard > Posts and Pillars Yes

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