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Furniture in craft Dining

Name Category Craftable
Breton Counter, Corner Breton Counter, Corner Dining > Counters Yes
Breton Counter, Long Cabinet Breton Counter, Long Cabinet Dining > Counters Yes
Breton Cupboard, Knotwork Breton Cupboard, Knotwork Hearth > Cabinetry Yes
Breton Curio, Knotwork Breton Curio, Knotwork Hearth > Cabinetry Yes
Breton Desk Breton Desk Library > Desks Yes
Breton Desk, Knotwork Breton Desk, Knotwork Library > Desks Yes
Breton Desk, Scholar's Breton Desk, Scholar's Library > Desks Yes
Breton Divider, Curved Knotwork Breton Divider, Curved Knotwork Suite > Dividers Yes
Breton Divider, Folded Knotwork Breton Divider, Folded Knotwork Suite > Dividers Yes
Breton Dresser, Knotwork Breton Dresser, Knotwork Suite > Dressers Yes
Breton Dresser, Open Breton Dresser, Open Suite > Dressers Yes
Breton Footlocker, Knotwork Breton Footlocker, Knotwork Suite > Trunks Yes
Breton Hutch, Knotwork Breton Hutch, Knotwork Hearth > Cabinetry Yes
Breton Lightpost, Single Breton Lightpost, Single Lighting > Lightposts Yes
Breton Nightstand, Knotwork Breton Nightstand, Knotwork Suite > Nightstands Yes
Breton Nightstand, Open Breton Nightstand, Open Suite > Nightstands Yes
Breton Pew, Knotwork Breton Pew, Knotwork Dining > Benches Yes
Breton Pew, Windowed Breton Pew, Windowed Dining > Benches Yes
Breton Rack, Barrel Breton Rack, Barrel Hearth > Stockroom Yes
Breton Rack, Wine Breton Rack, Wine Hearth > Stockroom Yes
Breton Shelf, Long Breton Shelf, Long Library > Shelves Yes
Breton Shelf, Scrolled Breton Shelf, Scrolled Library > Shelves Yes
Breton Shelves, Double Breton Shelves, Double Library > Shelves Yes
Breton Sideboard, Knotwork Breton Sideboard, Knotwork Hearth > Cabinetry Yes
Breton Stall, Merchant Breton Stall, Merchant Structures > Buildings Yes
Breton Stall, Vending Breton Stall, Vending Structures > Buildings Yes
Breton Stool, Padded Breton Stool, Padded Workshop > Stools Yes
Breton Stool, Plain Breton Stool, Plain Workshop > Stools Yes
Breton Street Post, Plain Breton Street Post, Plain Courtyard > Posts and Pillars Yes
Breton Street Post, Stone Breton Street Post, Stone Courtyard > Posts and Pillars Yes
Breton Table, Dining Breton Table, Dining Dining > Tables Yes
Breton Table, Formal Breton Table, Formal Dining > Tables Yes
Breton Table, Kitchen Breton Table, Kitchen Dining > Tables Yes
Breton Table, Round Breton Table, Round Parlor > Tea Tables Yes
Breton Table, Square Breton Table, Square Dining > Tables Yes
Breton Throne Breton Throne Gallery > Thrones Yes
Breton Trestle, Formal Breton Trestle, Formal Dining > Tables Yes
Breton Trestle, Sturdy Breton Trestle, Sturdy Dining > Tables Yes
Cabinet, Poisonmaker's Cabinet, Poisonmaker's Hearth > Cabinetry Yes
Cart, Sided Cart, Sided Courtyard > Vehicles Yes
Chair, Carved Chair, Carved Dining > Chairs Yes
Coffin, Case Coffin, Case Undercroft > Grave Goods Yes
Coffin, Lid Coffin, Lid Undercroft > Grave Goods Yes
Common Barrel, Dry Common Barrel, Dry Workshop > Cargo Yes
Common Barrel, Sealed Common Barrel, Sealed Workshop > Cargo Yes
Common Bucket, Basic Common Bucket, Basic Hearth > Laundry Yes
Common Bucket, Rope Common Bucket, Rope Hearth > Laundry Yes
Common Campfire, Outdoor Common Campfire, Outdoor Lighting > Fires Yes
Common Cargo Crate, Dry Common Cargo Crate, Dry Workshop > Cargo Yes
Common Cargo, Covered Common Cargo, Covered Workshop > Cargo Yes

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