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Furniture with the property Animated

Name Category Craftable
Tree, Towering Snowy Fir Tree, Towering Snowy Fir Conservatory > Giant Trees No
Tree, Treehenge Green Lady Tree, Treehenge Green Lady Conservatory > Trees No
Tree, Twisted Mountain Mahogany Tree, Twisted Mountain Mahogany Conservatory > Trees No
Tree, White Pine Tree, White Pine Conservatory > Trees No
Tree, Winter Pine Tree, Winter Pine Conservatory > Trees No
Trees, Paired Wrothgar Pine Trees, Paired Wrothgar Pine Conservatory > Giant Trees No
Trees, Shade Interwoven Trees, Shade Interwoven Conservatory > Trees No
Tribunal Shrine in Fountain Tribunal Shrine in Fountain Courtyard > Fountains No
Undaunted Banner Undaunted Banner Parlor > Banners No
Veloth's Reliquary Veloth's Reliquary Undercroft > Sacred Pieces No
Vine, Azureblight Strangler Vine, Azureblight Strangler Conservatory > Vines No
Vine, Bloodroot Grasper Vine, Bloodroot Grasper Conservatory > Vines No
Vine, Bloodroot Mangler Vine, Bloodroot Mangler Conservatory > Vines No
Vine, Bloodroot Stems Vine, Bloodroot Stems Conservatory > Vines No
Vine, Bloodroot Wriggler Vine, Bloodroot Wriggler Conservatory > Vines No
Vivec's Divination Pool Vivec's Divination Pool Courtyard > Fountains No
Void-Crystal Anomaly Void-Crystal Anomaly Conservatory > Crystals No
Vvardenfell Anemone, Sprout Vvardenfell Anemone, Sprout Conservatory > Aquatic No
Vvardenfell Anemone, Strong Vvardenfell Anemone, Strong Conservatory > Aquatic No
Vvardenfell Coral Plant, Strong Vvardenfell Coral Plant, Strong Conservatory > Aquatic No
Vvardenfell Coral Plant, Young Vvardenfell Coral Plant, Young Conservatory > Aquatic No
Waterfall, Small Everlasting Waterfall, Small Everlasting Courtyard > Fountains No
Weathervane of the Stormlords Weathervane of the Stormlords Lighting > Enchanted Lights No
Witch's Festival, Cursed Totem Witch's Festival, Cursed Totem Undercroft > Symbolic Decor No
Witch's Remains, Offering Witch's Remains, Offering Undercroft > Remains No
Witch's Remains, Sacrificial Witch's Remains, Sacrificial Undercroft > Remains No
Witch's Totem, Bog Witch's Totem, Bog Undercroft > Symbolic Decor No
Witches Festival Scarecrow Witches Festival Scarecrow Courtyard > Yard Ornaments No
Witches' Basin, Scrying Witches' Basin, Scrying Undercroft > Basins No
Wood Orc Malacath Banner Wood Orc Malacath Banner Parlor > Banners No
Woodworker's Sign Woodworker's Sign Parlor > Banners No

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