Furniture with the property Light

Name Category Craftable
Elsweyr Lightpost, Ancient Stone Elsweyr Lightpost, Ancient Stone Lighting > Lightposts Yes
Elsweyr Lightpost, Ancient Sturdy Elsweyr Lightpost, Ancient Sturdy Lighting > Lightposts Yes
Elsweyr Lightpost, Ancient Tall Elsweyr Lightpost, Ancient Tall Lighting > Lightposts Yes
Elsweyr Sconce, Candle Carved Elsweyr Sconce, Candle Carved Lighting > Sconces Yes
Elsweyr Sconce, Candle Elegant Elsweyr Sconce, Candle Elegant Lighting > Sconces Yes
Elsweyr Sconce, Candle Engraved Elsweyr Sconce, Candle Engraved Lighting > Sconces Yes
Elsweyr Sconce, Candle Shielded Elsweyr Sconce, Candle Shielded Lighting > Sconces Yes
Elsweyr Streetlight, Inlaid Stone Elsweyr Streetlight, Inlaid Stone Lighting > Lightposts Yes
Evergloam Wispstone Evergloam Wispstone Lighting > Enchanted Lights No
Firelogs, Ashen Firelogs, Ashen Lighting > Fires No
Firelogs, Charred Firelogs, Charred Lighting > Fires No
Firelogs, Flaming Firelogs, Flaming Lighting > Fires No
Fires of the Wilderking Fires of the Wilderking Lighting > Braziers No
Flower Patch, Glowstalks Flower Patch, Glowstalks Lighting > Enchanted Lights No
Flower Patch, Hawkmoth Cabbage Flower Patch, Hawkmoth Cabbage Conservatory > Flowers No
Flower, Coda Flower, Coda Lighting > Enchanted Lights No
Flowers, Blue Starbloom Flowers, Blue Starbloom Lighting > Enchanted Lights No
Font of Auri-El Font of Auri-El Structures > Building Components No
Fungus, Gloomspore Ghost Fungus, Gloomspore Ghost Lighting > Enchanted Lights No
Glow Bush, Purple Glow Bush, Purple Conservatory > Shrubs No
Glowgrass, Patch Glowgrass, Patch Lighting > Enchanted Lights No
Guard Lamppost Guard Lamppost Lighting > Lightposts No
Hagraven Cauldron, Ritual Hagraven Cauldron, Ritual Lighting > Enchanted Lights Yes
Hakoshae Lantern, Blue Hakoshae Lantern, Blue Lighting > Lanterns Yes
Hakoshae Lantern, Crimson Hakoshae Lantern, Crimson Lighting > Lanterns Yes
Hakoshae Lantern, Linked Rings Hakoshae Lantern, Linked Rings Lighting > Lanterns Yes
Hakoshae Lanterns, Festival Hakoshae Lanterns, Festival Lighting > Lanterns No
Hanging Wedding Lantern Hanging Wedding Lantern Lighting > Lanterns No
Hectahame Arboretum Relic Hectahame Arboretum Relic Undercroft > Grave Goods No
Hemo Helot, Benign Hemo Helot, Benign Lighting > Enchanted Lights No
Hew's Bane Candlestick Hew's Bane Candlestick Lighting > Candles No
Hew's Bane Lantern Hew's Bane Lantern Lighting > Lanterns No
High Elf Brazier, Winged High Elf Brazier, Winged Lighting > Braziers Yes
High Elf Candelabra, Winged High Elf Candelabra, Winged Lighting > Candles Yes
High Elf Candle, Winged High Elf Candle, Winged Lighting > Candles Yes
High Elf Chandelier, Winged High Elf Chandelier, Winged Lighting > Chandeliers Yes
High Elf Lamp, Oil High Elf Lamp, Oil Lighting > Lamps Yes
High Elf Lamppost, Spiked High Elf Lamppost, Spiked Lighting > Lightposts Yes
High Elf Lamppost, Stone High Elf Lamppost, Stone Lighting > Lightposts Yes
High Elf Sconce, Winged High Elf Sconce, Winged Lighting > Sconces Yes
High Elf Streetlight, Stone High Elf Streetlight, Stone Lighting > Lightposts Yes
Hlaalu Lantern, Classic Vellum Hlaalu Lantern, Classic Vellum Lighting > Lanterns Yes
Hlaalu Lantern, Hanging Paper Hlaalu Lantern, Hanging Paper Lighting > Lanterns No
Hlaalu Lantern, Modest Vellum Hlaalu Lantern, Modest Vellum Lighting > Lanterns Yes
Hlaalu Lantern, Oversized Vellum Hlaalu Lantern, Oversized Vellum Lighting > Lanterns Yes
Hlaalu Path Marker, Almsivi Hlaalu Path Marker, Almsivi Lighting > Enchanted Lights No
Hlaalu Salt Lamp, Enchanted Hlaalu Salt Lamp, Enchanted Lighting > Enchanted Lights Yes
Hlaalu Sconce, Vellum Hlaalu Sconce, Vellum Lighting > Sconces Yes
Hlaalu Stove, Chiminea Hlaalu Stove, Chiminea Lighting > Fires Yes
Hlaalu Streetlamp, Paper Hlaalu Streetlamp, Paper Lighting > Lamps No

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