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Furniture with the property Sittable

Name Category Craftable
Alinor Armchair, Backless Polished Alinor Armchair, Backless Polished Dining > Chairs Yes
Alinor Armchair, Backless Verdant Alinor Armchair, Backless Verdant Dining > Chairs Yes
Alinor Armchair, Noble Alinor Armchair, Noble Dining > Chairs Yes
Alinor Armchair, Overhang Alinor Armchair, Overhang Dining > Chairs Yes
Alinor Armchair, Polished Alinor Armchair, Polished Dining > Chairs Yes
Alinor Bench, Marble Alinor Bench, Marble Dining > Benches Yes
Alinor Bench, Verdant Alinor Bench, Verdant Dining > Benches Yes
Alinor Chair, Polished Alinor Chair, Polished Dining > Chairs Yes
Alinor Pew, Polished Alinor Pew, Polished Dining > Benches Yes
Argonian Bench, Woven Argonian Bench, Woven Dining > Benches Yes
Argonian Chair, Rough Argonian Chair, Rough Dining > Chairs Yes
Argonian Chair, Woven Argonian Chair, Woven Dining > Chairs Yes
Argonian Stool, Roped Argonian Stool, Roped Workshop > Stools Yes
Argonian Stool, Woven Argonian Stool, Woven Workshop > Stools Yes
Ashlander Throne Ashlander Throne Gallery > Thrones No
Ayleid Bench, Carved Ayleid Bench, Carved Dining > Benches Yes
Ayleid Throne Ayleid Throne Gallery > Thrones No
Branch of Falinesti Branch of Falinesti Gallery > Thrones No
Breton Armchair, Padded Breton Armchair, Padded Dining > Chairs Yes
Breton Bench, Knotwork Breton Bench, Knotwork Dining > Benches Yes
Breton Bench, Plain Breton Bench, Plain Dining > Benches Yes
Breton Chair, Padded Breton Chair, Padded Dining > Chairs Yes
Breton Chair, Rocking Breton Chair, Rocking Dining > Chairs Yes
Breton Chair, Slatted Breton Chair, Slatted Dining > Chairs Yes
Breton Chair, Windowed Breton Chair, Windowed Dining > Chairs Yes
Breton Pew, Knotwork Breton Pew, Knotwork Dining > Benches Yes
Breton Pew, Windowed Breton Pew, Windowed Dining > Benches Yes
Breton Stool, Padded Breton Stool, Padded Workshop > Stools Yes
Breton Stool, Plain Breton Stool, Plain Workshop > Stools Yes
Breton Throne Breton Throne Gallery > Thrones Yes
Chair, Carved Chair, Carved Dining > Chairs Yes
Chair, Love-Blessed Chair, Love-Blessed Dining > Chairs No
Clockwork Chair, Practical Clockwork Chair, Practical Dining > Chairs Yes
Clockwork Chair, Reinforced Clockwork Chair, Reinforced Dining > Chairs Yes
Clockwork Stool, Practical Clockwork Stool, Practical Workshop > Stools Yes
Craglorn Chair, Serpent Craglorn Chair, Serpent Dining > Chairs No
Daedric Armchair, Severe Daedric Armchair, Severe Dining > Chairs No
Daedric Bench, Ashen Daedric Bench, Ashen Dining > Benches Yes
Daedric Block, Seat Daedric Block, Seat Workshop > Stools No
Daedric Throne, Skulls Daedric Throne, Skulls Gallery > Thrones No
Dark Elf Armchair, Angled Dark Elf Armchair, Angled Dining > Chairs Yes
Dark Elf Chair, Angled Dark Elf Chair, Angled Dining > Chairs Yes
Dark Elf Sofa, Angled Dark Elf Sofa, Angled Parlor > Sofas and Couches Yes
Dark Elf Stool, Angled Dark Elf Stool, Angled Workshop > Stools Yes
Deadlands Bench, Etched Wide Deadlands Bench, Etched Wide Dining > Benches Yes
Deadlands Chair, Ashen Deadlands Chair, Ashen Dining > Chairs Yes
Deadlands Chair, Etched Deadlands Chair, Etched Dining > Chairs Yes
Dwarven Bench, Forged Dwarven Bench, Forged Dining > Benches Yes
Dwarven Bench, Ornate Granite Dwarven Bench, Ornate Granite Dining > Benches Yes
Dwarven Chair, Ornate Polished Dwarven Chair, Ornate Polished Dining > Chairs Yes

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