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Furniture in category Courtyard

Name Category Craftable
Statue, Order Statue, Order Statues > Courtyard No
Statue, Pride of Alkosh Hero Statue, Pride of Alkosh Hero Statues > Courtyard No
Statue, Prince of Ambition Statue, Prince of Ambition Statues > Courtyard No
Statue, Saint Kaladas Statue, Saint Kaladas Statues > Courtyard No
Statue, Stendarr Statue, Stendarr Statues > Courtyard No
Statue, Terrified Ebony Statue, Terrified Ebony Statues > Courtyard No
Statue, Truth Statue, Truth Statues > Courtyard No
Statue, Vampiric Sovereign Statue, Vampiric Sovereign Statues > Courtyard No
Statue, Vivec's Triumph Statue, Vivec's Triumph Statues > Courtyard No
Statue, Yolnahkriin Statue, Yolnahkriin Statues > Courtyard No
Suthay Statue, Nimble Bishop Suthay Statue, Nimble Bishop Statues > Courtyard No
The Dutiful Guar The Dutiful Guar Statues > Courtyard No
The Final Threat The Final Threat Statues > Courtyard No
The Mane, Moons-Blessed The Mane, Moons-Blessed Statues > Courtyard No
The Motionless Guardian The Motionless Guardian Yard Ornaments > Courtyard No
Tojay Statue, Dancer Tojay Statue, Dancer Statues > Courtyard No
Tojay-Raht Statue, Monk Tojay-Raht Statue, Monk Statues > Courtyard No
Totem of the Wild Hunt Totem of the Wild Hunt Statues > Courtyard No
Tranquility Pond, Botanical Tranquility Pond, Botanical Fountains > Courtyard No
Tribunal Shrine in Fountain Tribunal Shrine in Fountain Fountains > Courtyard No
Ukaezai's Ward Ukaezai's Ward Statues > Courtyard No
Vaermina Statue Vaermina Statue Statues > Courtyard No
Vampiric Column, Ancient Vampiric Column, Ancient Posts and Pillars > Courtyard No
Vampiric Fountain, Bat Swarm Vampiric Fountain, Bat Swarm Fountains > Courtyard No
Visage of the Skald Visage of the Skald Statues > Courtyard No
Vivec's Divination Pool Vivec's Divination Pool Fountains > Courtyard No
Vvardvark Ice Sculpture Vvardvark Ice Sculpture Statues > Courtyard No
Waterfall Fountain, Round Waterfall Fountain, Round Fountains > Courtyard No
Waterfall, Small Everlasting Waterfall, Small Everlasting Fountains > Courtyard No
Watering Trough, Full Watering Trough, Full Yard Ornaments > Courtyard No
Wedding Gazebo Wedding Gazebo Yard Ornaments > Courtyard No
Witches Festival Scarecrow Witches Festival Scarecrow Yard Ornaments > Courtyard No
Yokudan Sitting Griffin Statue Yokudan Sitting Griffin Statue Statues > Courtyard No
Ysgramor Statue Ysgramor Statue Statues > Courtyard No
Zenithar, God of Work and Commerce Zenithar, God of Work and Commerce Statues > Courtyard No

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