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Furniture in category Lighting

Name Category Craftable
Fargrave Window, Medallion Fargrave Window, Medallion Enchanted Lights > Lighting Yes
Firelogs, Ashen Firelogs, Ashen Fires > Lighting No
Firelogs, Charred Firelogs, Charred Fires > Lighting No
Firelogs, Flaming Firelogs, Flaming Fires > Lighting No
Fires of the Wilderking Fires of the Wilderking Braziers > Lighting No
Flower Patch, Glowstalks Flower Patch, Glowstalks Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
Flower, Coda Flower, Coda Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
Flowers, Blue Starbloom Flowers, Blue Starbloom Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
Fungus, Gloomspore Ghost Fungus, Gloomspore Ghost Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
Glowgrass, Patch Glowgrass, Patch Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
Green Ink Ceiling Light Green Ink Ceiling Light Sconces > Lighting No
Grim Harlequin Chandelier Grim Harlequin Chandelier Chandeliers > Lighting No
Guard Lamppost Guard Lamppost Lightposts > Lighting No
Hagraven Cauldron, Ritual Hagraven Cauldron, Ritual Enchanted Lights > Lighting Yes
Hakoshae Lantern, Blue Hakoshae Lantern, Blue Lanterns > Lighting Yes
Hakoshae Lantern, Crimson Hakoshae Lantern, Crimson Lanterns > Lighting Yes
Hakoshae Lantern, Linked Rings Hakoshae Lantern, Linked Rings Lanterns > Lighting Yes
Hakoshae Lanterns, Festival Hakoshae Lanterns, Festival Lanterns > Lighting No
Hanging Wedding Lantern Hanging Wedding Lantern Lanterns > Lighting No
Hemo Helot, Benign Hemo Helot, Benign Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
Hew's Bane Candlestick Hew's Bane Candlestick Candles > Lighting No
Hew's Bane Lantern Hew's Bane Lantern Lanterns > Lighting No
High Elf Altar, Crystal High Elf Altar, Crystal Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
High Elf Brazier, Winged High Elf Brazier, Winged Braziers > Lighting Yes
High Elf Candelabra, Winged High Elf Candelabra, Winged Candles > Lighting Yes
High Elf Candle, Winged High Elf Candle, Winged Candles > Lighting Yes
High Elf Candleholder, Sturdy High Elf Candleholder, Sturdy Candles > Lighting Yes
High Elf Chandelier, Winged High Elf Chandelier, Winged Chandeliers > Lighting Yes
High Elf Lamp, Oil High Elf Lamp, Oil Lamps > Lighting Yes
High Elf Lamppost, Spiked High Elf Lamppost, Spiked Lightposts > Lighting Yes
High Elf Lamppost, Stone High Elf Lamppost, Stone Lightposts > Lighting Yes
High Elf Sconce, Winged High Elf Sconce, Winged Sconces > Lighting Yes
High Elf Streetlight, Stone High Elf Streetlight, Stone Lightposts > Lighting Yes
High Isle Brazier, Bowl High Isle Brazier, Bowl Braziers > Lighting Yes
High Isle Brazier, Standing High Isle Brazier, Standing Braziers > Lighting Yes
High Isle Lantern, Table High Isle Lantern, Table Lanterns > Lighting Yes
High Isle Sconce, Glass High Isle Sconce, Glass Sconces > Lighting Yes
High Isle Sconce, Ornate High Isle Sconce, Ornate Sconces > Lighting Yes
High Isle Streetlight, Paired High Isle Streetlight, Paired Lightposts > Lighting Yes
Hlaalu Lantern, Classic Vellum Hlaalu Lantern, Classic Vellum Lanterns > Lighting Yes
Hlaalu Lantern, Hanging Paper Hlaalu Lantern, Hanging Paper Lanterns > Lighting No
Hlaalu Lantern, Modest Vellum Hlaalu Lantern, Modest Vellum Lanterns > Lighting Yes
Hlaalu Lantern, Oversized Vellum Hlaalu Lantern, Oversized Vellum Lanterns > Lighting Yes
Hlaalu Path Marker, Almsivi Hlaalu Path Marker, Almsivi Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
Hlaalu Salt Lamp, Enchanted Hlaalu Salt Lamp, Enchanted Enchanted Lights > Lighting Yes
Hlaalu Sconce, Vellum Hlaalu Sconce, Vellum Sconces > Lighting Yes
Hlaalu Stove, Chiminea Hlaalu Stove, Chiminea Fires > Lighting Yes
Hlaalu Streetlamp, Paper Hlaalu Streetlamp, Paper Lamps > Lighting No
Hlaalu Streetlight, Vellum Hlaalu Streetlight, Vellum Lightposts > Lighting Yes
Hollowjack Lantern, Ouroboros Hollowjack Lantern, Ouroboros Lanterns > Lighting No

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