Furniture in category Workshop > Tools

Name Category Craftable
Harvester's Critter Trap Harvester's Critter Trap Workshop > Tools No
Mages Apparatus, Master Mages Apparatus, Master Workshop > Tools Yes
Mooring Line, Coiled Mooring Line, Coiled Workshop > Tools No
Mooring Line, Tidy Mooring Line, Tidy Workshop > Tools No
Nord Bellows, Fireplace Nord Bellows, Fireplace Workshop > Tools No
Orcish Drop Hammer, Repeating Orcish Drop Hammer, Repeating Workshop > Tools No
Pottery Wheel, Ever-Turning Pottery Wheel, Ever-Turning Workshop > Tools Yes
Reach Grinding Stones, Nirncrux Reach Grinding Stones, Nirncrux Workshop > Tools No
Riekling Tanning Rack, Stretched Riekling Tanning Rack, Stretched Workshop > Tools No
Rough Axe, Practical Rough Axe, Practical Workshop > Tools No
Rough Block, Woodcutter's Rough Block, Woodcutter's Workshop > Tools No
Rough Broom, Practical Rough Broom, Practical Workshop > Tools No
Rough Campfire, Doused Rough Campfire, Doused Workshop > Tools No
Rough Firepit, Doused Rough Firepit, Doused Workshop > Tools No
Rough Firewood, Fireplace Rough Firewood, Fireplace Workshop > Tools No
Rough Firewood, Smoldering Rough Firewood, Smoldering Workshop > Tools No
Rough Firewood, Stack Rough Firewood, Stack Workshop > Tools No
Rough Hatchet, Practical Rough Hatchet, Practical Workshop > Tools Yes
Rough Rod, Fishing Rough Rod, Fishing Workshop > Tools No
Rough Spear, Fishing Rough Spear, Fishing Workshop > Tools No
Scales of Felonious Recompense Scales of Felonious Recompense Workshop > Tools No
Smith's Bellows Smith's Bellows Workshop > Tools No
Solitude Bucket, Empty Solitude Bucket, Empty Workshop > Tools Yes
Solitude Hammer, Simple Solitude Hammer, Simple Workshop > Tools Yes
Solitude Hand-Drill, Simple Solitude Hand-Drill, Simple Workshop > Tools Yes
Solitude Loom, Warp-Weighted Solitude Loom, Warp-Weighted Workshop > Tools Yes
Solitude Patching Kit, Well-Worn Solitude Patching Kit, Well-Worn Workshop > Tools Yes
Solitude Scraper, Simple Solitude Scraper, Simple Workshop > Tools Yes
Solitude Skewer, Twisted Iron Solitude Skewer, Twisted Iron Workshop > Tools Yes
Solitude Wedge Pick, Simple Solitude Wedge Pick, Simple Workshop > Tools Yes
Tongs, Forge Tongs, Forge Workshop > Tools Yes
Tool, Harvest Scythe Tool, Harvest Scythe Workshop > Tools No
Tool, Hoe Tool, Hoe Workshop > Tools No
Tool, Pitchfork Tool, Pitchfork Workshop > Tools No
Tool, Plow Tool, Plow Workshop > Tools No
Tool, Sickle Tool, Sickle Workshop > Tools No
Tool, Two-Person Crosscut Saw Tool, Two-Person Crosscut Saw Workshop > Tools No

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