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Furniture in category Workshop

Name Category Craftable
Jar, Yellow Dye Jar, Yellow Dye Workshop > Materials No
Khajiit Barstool, Clawfoot Khajiit Barstool, Clawfoot Workshop > Stools Yes
Khajiit Barstool, Padded Khajiit Barstool, Padded Workshop > Stools Yes
Khajiit Stool, Crescent Khajiit Stool, Crescent Workshop > Stools Yes
Leyawiin Wheel, Splintered Axle Leyawiin Wheel, Splintered Axle Workshop > Materials No
Logs, Twice-Split Logs, Twice-Split Workshop > Materials No
Mages Apparatus, Master Mages Apparatus, Master Workshop > Tools Yes
Moon-Sugar, Harvested Large Moon-Sugar, Harvested Large Workshop > Materials No
Moon-Sugar, Harvested Small Moon-Sugar, Harvested Small Workshop > Materials No
Mooring Line, Coiled Mooring Line, Coiled Workshop > Tools No
Mooring Line, Tidy Mooring Line, Tidy Workshop > Tools No
Nord Basket Trap, Fishing Nord Basket Trap, Fishing Workshop > Cargo No
Nord Bellows, Fireplace Nord Bellows, Fireplace Workshop > Tools No
Nord Stool, Braced Nord Stool, Braced Workshop > Stools Yes
Nord Stool, Rough Nord Stool, Rough Workshop > Stools Yes
Orcish Drop Hammer, Repeating Orcish Drop Hammer, Repeating Workshop > Tools No
Orcish Stool, Cabled Orcish Stool, Cabled Workshop > Stools Yes
Orrery Control Pillar Replica Orrery Control Pillar Replica Workshop > Machinery No
Parcels, Wrapped Parcels, Wrapped Workshop > Cargo No
Podium, Skinning Podium, Skinning Workshop > Materials Yes
Pottery Wheel, Ever-Turning Pottery Wheel, Ever-Turning Workshop > Tools Yes
Quality Fabric, Folded Quality Fabric, Folded Workshop > Materials No
Quality Fabric, Stacked Quality Fabric, Stacked Workshop > Materials No
Reach Grinder, Nirncrux Reach Grinder, Nirncrux Workshop > Pipes and Mechanisms No
Reach Grinding Stones, Nirncrux Reach Grinding Stones, Nirncrux Workshop > Tools No
Redguard Barrel, Corded Redguard Barrel, Corded Workshop > Cargo No
Redguard Bin, Roped Redguard Bin, Roped Workshop > Cargo Yes
Redguard Bin, Sealed Redguard Bin, Sealed Workshop > Cargo Yes
Redguard Cask, Sealed Redguard Cask, Sealed Workshop > Cargo Yes
Redguard Footstool, Starry Redguard Footstool, Starry Workshop > Stools Yes
Redguard Stool, Block Redguard Stool, Block Workshop > Stools Yes
Redguard Stool, Padded Redguard Stool, Padded Workshop > Stools Yes
Redguard Stool, Starry Redguard Stool, Starry Workshop > Stools Yes
Redguard Stool, Sturdy Redguard Stool, Sturdy Workshop > Stools Yes
Redguard Tuffet, Flames Redguard Tuffet, Flames Workshop > Stools Yes
Redguard Tuffet, Oasis Redguard Tuffet, Oasis Workshop > Stools Yes
Redguard Tuffet, Sands Redguard Tuffet, Sands Workshop > Stools No
Redoran Stool, Fungal Cushion Redoran Stool, Fungal Cushion Workshop > Stools Yes
Redoran Stool, Sanded Redoran Stool, Sanded Workshop > Stools Yes
Relic Vault, Impenetrable Relic Vault, Impenetrable Workshop > Cargo Yes
Replica Dwarven Crown Crate Replica Dwarven Crown Crate Workshop > Cargo No
Replica Key Blank Replica Key Blank Workshop > Tools No
Riekling Tanning Rack, Stretched Riekling Tanning Rack, Stretched Workshop > Tools No
Rough Axe, Practical Rough Axe, Practical Workshop > Tools No
Rough Barrel, Sturdy Rough Barrel, Sturdy Workshop > Cargo No
Rough Bin, Sturdy Rough Bin, Sturdy Workshop > Cargo No
Rough Block, Woodcutter's Rough Block, Woodcutter's Workshop > Tools No
Rough Box, Boarded Rough Box, Boarded Workshop > Cargo Yes
Rough Box, Slatted Rough Box, Slatted Workshop > Cargo No
Rough Broom, Practical Rough Broom, Practical Workshop > Tools No

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