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Furniture in category Workshop

Name Category Craftable
Grand Mnemograph Grand Mnemograph Machinery > Workshop No
Hammer, Forge Hammer, Forge Tools > Workshop Yes
Harbor Floats Harbor Floats Tools > Workshop No
Harbor Line, Coiled Harbor Line, Coiled Tools > Workshop No
Harbor Line, Loose Harbor Line, Loose Tools > Workshop No
Harbor Netting, Buoy Cluster Harbor Netting, Buoy Cluster Tools > Workshop No
Harbor Netting, Hanging Wall Harbor Netting, Hanging Wall Tools > Workshop No
Harbor Rope, Coiled Buoy Harbor Rope, Coiled Buoy Tools > Workshop No
Harbor Rope, Hanging Harbor Rope, Hanging Tools > Workshop No
Harbor Winch, Treadwheel Harbor Winch, Treadwheel Machinery > Workshop No
Harvester's Critter Trap Harvester's Critter Trap Tools > Workshop No
Harvester's Ore Harvester's Ore Materials > Workshop No
Harvester's Woodpile Harvester's Woodpile Materials > Workshop No
Haunted Broom Haunted Broom Tools > Workshop No
High Elf Stool, Covered High Elf Stool, Covered Stools > Workshop Yes
High Elf Stool, Curved High Elf Stool, Curved Stools > Workshop Yes
High Isle Beacon, Unlit High Isle Beacon, Unlit Tools > Workshop Yes
High Isle Oar, Gondola High Isle Oar, Gondola Tools > Workshop No
High Isle Stool, Cushioned High Isle Stool, Cushioned Stools > Workshop Yes
High Isle Stool, Rustic High Isle Stool, Rustic Stools > Workshop Yes
High Isle Stool, Sturdy High Isle Stool, Sturdy Stools > Workshop Yes
Hlaalu Stool, Mossy Cushion Hlaalu Stool, Mossy Cushion Stools > Workshop Yes
Hlaalu Stool, Polished Hlaalu Stool, Polished Stools > Workshop Yes
Honey Dipper, Wooden Honey Dipper, Wooden Tools > Workshop No
Imperial Stool, Padded Imperial Stool, Padded Stools > Workshop No
Imperial Stool, Sturdy Imperial Stool, Sturdy Stools > Workshop No
Indoril Bellows, Practical Indoril Bellows, Practical Tools > Workshop Yes
Jar of Green Dye Jar of Green Dye Materials > Workshop No
Jar, Blue Dye Jar, Blue Dye Materials > Workshop No
Jar, Covered Dye Jar, Covered Dye Materials > Workshop No
Jar, Orange Dye Jar, Orange Dye Materials > Workshop No
Jar, Pink Dye Jar, Pink Dye Materials > Workshop No
Jar, Yellow Dye Jar, Yellow Dye Materials > Workshop No
Khajiit Barstool, Clawfoot Khajiit Barstool, Clawfoot Stools > Workshop Yes
Khajiit Barstool, Padded Khajiit Barstool, Padded Stools > Workshop Yes
Khajiit Stool, Crescent Khajiit Stool, Crescent Stools > Workshop Yes
Leyawiin Wheel, Splintered Axle Leyawiin Wheel, Splintered Axle Materials > Workshop No
Logs, Twice-Split Logs, Twice-Split Materials > Workshop No
Mages Apparatus, Master Mages Apparatus, Master Tools > Workshop Yes
Moon-Sugar, Harvested Large Moon-Sugar, Harvested Large Materials > Workshop No
Moon-Sugar, Harvested Small Moon-Sugar, Harvested Small Materials > Workshop No
Mooring Line, Coiled Mooring Line, Coiled Tools > Workshop No
Mooring Line, Tidy Mooring Line, Tidy Tools > Workshop No
Necrom Stool, Padded Necrom Stool, Padded Stools > Workshop Yes
Nord Basket Trap, Fishing Nord Basket Trap, Fishing Tools > Workshop No
Nord Bellows, Fireplace Nord Bellows, Fireplace Tools > Workshop No
Nord Stool, Braced Nord Stool, Braced Stools > Workshop Yes
Nord Stool, Rough Nord Stool, Rough Stools > Workshop Yes
Orcish Drop Hammer, Repeating Orcish Drop Hammer, Repeating Tools > Workshop No
Orcish Stool, Cabled Orcish Stool, Cabled Stools > Workshop Yes

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