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Furniture in category Hearth

Name Category Craftable
Orcish Cask, Rugged Orcish Cask, Rugged Pottery > Hearth Yes
Orcish Cupboards, Peaked Orcish Cupboards, Peaked Cabinetry > Hearth Yes
Orcish Goblet, Stone Orcish Goblet, Stone Drinkware > Hearth Yes
Orcish Hutch, Engraved Orcish Hutch, Engraved Cabinetry > Hearth Yes
Orcish Hutch, Storage Orcish Hutch, Storage Cabinetry > Hearth Yes
Orcish Knife, Kitchen Orcish Knife, Kitchen Utensils > Hearth Yes
Orcish Mug, Horn Orcish Mug, Horn Drinkware > Hearth Yes
Orcish Mug, Rugged Orcish Mug, Rugged Drinkware > Hearth Yes
Orcish Plate, Stone Orcish Plate, Stone Dishes > Hearth Yes
Orcish Platter, Serving Orcish Platter, Serving Dishes > Hearth Yes
Orcish Sack, Bean Orcish Sack, Bean Baskets and Bags > Hearth Yes
Orcish Sack, Flour Orcish Sack, Flour Baskets and Bags > Hearth Yes
Orcish Sack, Grain Orcish Sack, Grain Baskets and Bags > Hearth Yes
Orcish Saucer, Stone Orcish Saucer, Stone Dishes > Hearth Yes
Orcish Sideboard, Engraved Orcish Sideboard, Engraved Cabinetry > Hearth Yes
Orcish Skull Goblet, Empty Orcish Skull Goblet, Empty Drinkware > Hearth No
Orcish Skull Goblet, Full Orcish Skull Goblet, Full Drinkware > Hearth Yes
Orcish Stein, Horn Orcish Stein, Horn Drinkware > Hearth Yes
Orcish Urn, Ceramic Orcish Urn, Ceramic Pottery > Hearth Yes
Orcish Urn, Honor's Rest Orcish Urn, Honor's Rest Pottery > Hearth No
Orcish Urn, Sealed Orcish Urn, Sealed Pottery > Hearth Yes
Orcish Wash Tub Orcish Wash Tub Laundry > Hearth Yes
Peaches, Bunch Peaches, Bunch Produce > Hearth Yes
Peryite Vat, Plague Peryite Vat, Plague Stockroom > Hearth Yes
Pie Dish, Display Pie Dish, Display Breads and Desserts > Hearth Yes
Pie Dish, Empty Pie Dish, Empty Dishes > Hearth Yes
Pie, Display Pie, Display Breads and Desserts > Hearth No
Plums, Bunch Plums, Bunch Produce > Hearth Yes
Poison Satchel Poison Satchel Baskets and Bags > Hearth No
Pot Pie, Display Pot Pie, Display Meals > Hearth Yes
Potato, Wax Potato, Wax Produce > Hearth Yes
Preserved Sweetrolls Preserved Sweetrolls Breads and Desserts > Hearth No
Pumpkin, Display Pumpkin, Display Produce > Hearth Yes
Pumpkin, Frail Pumpkin, Frail Produce > Hearth No
Pumpkin, Sickly Pumpkin, Sickly Produce > Hearth No
Pumpkin, Sliced Green Pumpkin, Sliced Green Produce > Hearth Yes
Radish, Wax Radish, Wax Produce > Hearth Yes
Reach Bowl, Nirncrux Reach Bowl, Nirncrux Pottery > Hearth No
Redguard Amphora, Gilded Redguard Amphora, Gilded Pottery > Hearth No
Redguard Amphora, Polished Redguard Amphora, Polished Pottery > Hearth Yes
Redguard Basket, Closed Redguard Basket, Closed Baskets and Bags > Hearth Yes
Redguard Bottle, Delicate Redguard Bottle, Delicate Drinkware > Hearth Yes
Redguard Bottle, Glowing Redguard Bottle, Glowing Pottery > Hearth No
Redguard Bottle, Stained Glass Redguard Bottle, Stained Glass Drinkware > Hearth Yes
Redguard Bowl, Gilded Redguard Bowl, Gilded Dishes > Hearth Yes
Redguard Bowl, Hanging Star Redguard Bowl, Hanging Star Pottery > Hearth Yes
Redguard Cannister, Gilded Redguard Cannister, Gilded Pottery > Hearth Yes
Redguard Chalice, Empty Redguard Chalice, Empty Drinkware > Hearth Yes
Redguard Chalice, Full Redguard Chalice, Full Drinkware > Hearth Yes
Redguard Cup, Empty Redguard Cup, Empty Drinkware > Hearth Yes

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