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Furniture in category Hearth

Name Category Craftable
Leyawiin Cupboard, Formal Display Leyawiin Cupboard, Formal Display Hearth > Cabinetry Yes
Leyawiin Cupboard, Sturdy Leyawiin Cupboard, Sturdy Hearth > Cabinetry Yes
Leyawiin Gravy Boat, Silver Leyawiin Gravy Boat, Silver Hearth > Dishes Yes
Leyawiin Kylix, Silver Leyawiin Kylix, Silver Hearth > Drinkware Yes
Leyawiin Laundry, Stack Leyawiin Laundry, Stack Hearth > Laundry Yes
Leyawiin Lettuce, Leaf Leyawiin Lettuce, Leaf Hearth > Produce Yes
Leyawiin Meal, Clams Leyawiin Meal, Clams Hearth > Meals Yes
Leyawiin Meal, Lobster Leyawiin Meal, Lobster Hearth > Meals Yes
Leyawiin Meal, Octopus Leyawiin Meal, Octopus Hearth > Meals Yes
Leyawiin Meal, Squid Leyawiin Meal, Squid Hearth > Meals Yes
Leyawiin Meal, Vegetables Leyawiin Meal, Vegetables Hearth > Meals Yes
Leyawiin Mug, Milk Leyawiin Mug, Milk Hearth > Drinkware Yes
Leyawiin Pie, Octopus Leyawiin Pie, Octopus Hearth > Meals Yes
Leyawiin Pitcher, Cracked Leyawiin Pitcher, Cracked Hearth > Pottery Yes
Leyawiin Pitcher, Elegant Leyawiin Pitcher, Elegant Hearth > Pottery Yes
Leyawiin Plate, Set Leyawiin Plate, Set Hearth > Dishes Yes
Leyawiin Plate, Utensils Leyawiin Plate, Utensils Hearth > Dishes Yes
Leyawiin Plates, Stack Leyawiin Plates, Stack Hearth > Dishes Yes
Leyawiin Platter, Seafood Leyawiin Platter, Seafood Hearth > Meals Yes
Leyawiin Pot, Domed Leyawiin Pot, Domed Hearth > Pottery Yes
Leyawiin Pot, Waves Leyawiin Pot, Waves Hearth > Pottery Yes
Leyawiin Pot, Wide Leyawiin Pot, Wide Hearth > Pottery Yes
Leyawiin Serving Pot, Lobster Stew Leyawiin Serving Pot, Lobster Stew Hearth > Meals Yes
Leyawiin Socks, Pair Leyawiin Socks, Pair Hearth > Laundry No
Leyawiin Teacup, Full Leyawiin Teacup, Full Hearth > Drinkware Yes
Leyawiin Tomatoes, Vine Leyawiin Tomatoes, Vine Hearth > Produce Yes
Leyawiin Trousers, Strewn Leyawiin Trousers, Strewn Hearth > Laundry No
Leyawiin Vase, Table Leyawiin Vase, Table Hearth > Pottery Yes
Mammoth Cheese, Mastercrafted Mammoth Cheese, Mastercrafted Hearth > Meats and Cheeses Yes
Mammoth Cheese, Pungent Mammoth Cheese, Pungent Hearth > Meats and Cheeses No
Melon, Wax Melon, Wax Hearth > Produce Yes
Mortar and Pestle Mortar and Pestle Hearth > Utensils Yes
Murkmire Amphora, Seed Pattern Murkmire Amphora, Seed Pattern Hearth > Pottery No
Murkmire Berry Strand Murkmire Berry Strand Hearth > Produce Yes
Murkmire Bowl, Geometric Pattern Murkmire Bowl, Geometric Pattern Hearth > Dishes No
Murkmire Dish, Geometric Pattern Murkmire Dish, Geometric Pattern Hearth > Dishes No
Murkmire Plate, Charger Murkmire Plate, Charger Hearth > Dishes Yes
Murkmire Pot, Handmade Murkmire Pot, Handmade Hearth > Pottery Yes
Murkmire Pot, Large Carved Murkmire Pot, Large Carved Hearth > Pottery Yes
Murkmire Vase, Scale Pattern Murkmire Vase, Scale Pattern Hearth > Pottery No
New Life Cookies and Ale New Life Cookies and Ale Hearth > Breads and Desserts No
Noble Standing Cauldron Noble Standing Cauldron Hearth > Cookware Yes
Noble's Chalice Noble's Chalice Hearth > Drinkware No
Noble's Chalice of Wine Noble's Chalice of Wine Hearth > Drinkware No
Nord Amphora, Glazed Nord Amphora, Glazed Hearth > Pottery Yes
Nord Cauldron, Glazed Nord Cauldron, Glazed Hearth > Cookware Yes
Nord Crockpot, Carrot Soup Nord Crockpot, Carrot Soup Hearth > Meals Yes
Nord Crockpot, Covered Nord Crockpot, Covered Hearth > Dishes Yes
Nord Drinking Horn, Display Nord Drinking Horn, Display Hearth > Drinkware Yes
Nord Drinking Horn, Empty Nord Drinking Horn, Empty Hearth > Drinkware Yes

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