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Furniture in category Lighting

Name Category Craftable
Redguard Chandelier, Polished Grated Redguard Chandelier, Polished Grated Chandeliers > Lighting Yes
Redguard Firepit, Stone Redguard Firepit, Stone Fires > Lighting Yes
Redguard Lamp, Caged Redguard Lamp, Caged Lanterns > Lighting Yes
Redguard Lamp, Oil Redguard Lamp, Oil Lamps > Lighting No
Redguard Lamppost, Stone Redguard Lamppost, Stone Lightposts > Lighting No
Redguard Lantern, Caged Redguard Lantern, Caged Lanterns > Lighting Yes
Redguard Lantern, Caged Stand Redguard Lantern, Caged Stand Lanterns > Lighting Yes
Redguard Lantern, Cannister Redguard Lantern, Cannister Lanterns > Lighting Yes
Redguard Lantern, Delicate Redguard Lantern, Delicate Lanterns > Lighting Yes
Redguard Sconce, Polished Redguard Sconce, Polished Sconces > Lighting Yes
Redguard Streetlamp, Single Redguard Streetlamp, Single Lightposts > Lighting Yes
Redguard Streetlamps, Full Redguard Streetlamps, Full Lightposts > Lighting Yes
Redguard Streetlamps, Paired Redguard Streetlamps, Paired Lightposts > Lighting Yes
Redguard Streetlamps, Triple Redguard Streetlamps, Triple Lightposts > Lighting Yes
Redguard Window, Iron Lattice Redguard Window, Iron Lattice Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
Redoran Sconce, Beetle Redoran Sconce, Beetle Sconces > Lighting No
Replica Cursed Orb of Meridia Replica Cursed Orb of Meridia Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
Replica Dreamshard Replica Dreamshard Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
Resonance Crystal, Cerulean Resonance Crystal, Cerulean Enchanted Lights > Lighting Yes
Riekling Bonfire, Ceremonial Riekling Bonfire, Ceremonial Fires > Lighting No
Riekling Brazier, Ceremonial Riekling Brazier, Ceremonial Braziers > Lighting No
Rise of the Silvenar Rise of the Silvenar Fires > Lighting No
Rite of the Harrowforged Rite of the Harrowforged Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
Ritual Brazier, Gilded Ritual Brazier, Gilded Braziers > Lighting No
Rough Candle, Pillar Rough Candle, Pillar Candles > Lighting No
Rough Candle, Tealight Rough Candle, Tealight Candles > Lighting No
Rough Torch, Basic Rough Torch, Basic Lightposts > Lighting No
Rough Torch, Wall Rough Torch, Wall Lightposts > Lighting No
Sanctuary Sconce Sanctuary Sconce Sconces > Lighting No
Scholarium Ward Scholarium Ward Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
Scrying Brazier, Short Scrying Brazier, Short Braziers > Lighting No
Scrying Brazier, Tall Scrying Brazier, Tall Braziers > Lighting No
Silvenari Sap-Stone Silvenari Sap-Stone Enchanted Lights > Lighting No
Skull Candles, Triple Skull Candles, Triple Candles > Lighting No
Solitude Brazier, Metal Solitude Brazier, Metal Braziers > Lighting No
Solitude Candlestick, Horn Solitude Candlestick, Horn Candles > Lighting Yes
Solitude Chandelier, Horns Solitude Chandelier, Horns Chandeliers > Lighting Yes
Solitude Chandelier, Steel Solitude Chandelier, Steel Chandeliers > Lighting Yes
Solitude Lantern, Hanging Solitude Lantern, Hanging Lanterns > Lighting Yes
Solitude Lantern, Table Solitude Lantern, Table Lanterns > Lighting Yes
Solitude Sconce, Candle Solitude Sconce, Candle Sconces > Lighting Yes
Solitude Sconce, Candle Embellished Solitude Sconce, Candle Embellished Sconces > Lighting Yes
Solitude Sconce, Horn Solitude Sconce, Horn Sconces > Lighting Yes
Solitude Sconce, Lantern Solitude Sconce, Lantern Sconces > Lighting Yes
Solitude Sconce, Torch Solitude Sconce, Torch Sconces > Lighting Yes
Solitude Sconce, Wolf's-Head Lantern Solitude Sconce, Wolf's-Head Lantern Sconces > Lighting Yes
Solitude Sconce, Wrought Iron Solitude Sconce, Wrought Iron Sconces > Lighting Yes
Solitude Streetlight, Paired Solitude Streetlight, Paired Lightposts > Lighting Yes
Solitude Streetlight, Single Solitude Streetlight, Single Lightposts > Lighting Yes
Spellscar Shard Spellscar Shard Enchanted Lights > Lighting No

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