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Furniture in category Structures

Name Category Craftable
Orcish Tent, Shingled Orcish Tent, Shingled Structures > Tents Yes
Orcish Tent, Soldier's Orcish Tent, Soldier's Structures > Tents No
Orsinium Tent, Chief's Orsinium Tent, Chief's Structures > Tents No
Palisade, Crude Palisade, Crude Structures > Fences No
Pedestal, Etched Stone Pedestal, Etched Stone Structures > Platforms No
Pergola, Festive Flowers Pergola, Festive Flowers Structures > Buildings No
Platform, Floating Dock Platform, Floating Dock Structures > Platforms No
Platform, Weathered Dock Platform, Weathered Dock Structures > Platforms No
Reach Tent, Camp Reach Tent, Camp Structures > Tents No
Reachmen Pergola, Ivy Reachmen Pergola, Ivy Structures > Buildings Yes
Reachmen Pergola, Ivy Overhang Reachmen Pergola, Ivy Overhang Structures > Buildings No
Redguard Awning, Desert Flame Redguard Awning, Desert Flame Structures > Tents Yes
Redguard Awning, Oasis Redguard Awning, Oasis Structures > Tents Yes
Redguard Awning, Wall Redguard Awning, Wall Structures > Tents No
Redguard Canopy, Dawn Redguard Canopy, Dawn Structures > Tents Yes
Redguard Canopy, Dusk Redguard Canopy, Dusk Structures > Tents Yes
Redguard Canopy, Stars Redguard Canopy, Stars Structures > Tents Yes
Redguard Fence, Brass Capped Redguard Fence, Brass Capped Structures > Fences No
Redguard Fence, Wooden Redguard Fence, Wooden Structures > Fences No
Redguard Gazebo, Palatial Domed Redguard Gazebo, Palatial Domed Structures > Platforms No
Redguard Tent, Rounded Blue Redguard Tent, Rounded Blue Structures > Tents No
Redguard Tent, Rounded Silk Redguard Tent, Rounded Silk Structures > Tents No
Redguard Tent, Scaled Flames Redguard Tent, Scaled Flames Structures > Tents Yes
Redguard Tent, Squared Silk Redguard Tent, Squared Silk Structures > Tents No
Redguard Tent, Starry Redguard Tent, Starry Structures > Tents Yes
Redguard Trellis, Peaked Redguard Trellis, Peaked Structures > Buildings No
Replica Stone Nest Replica Stone Nest Structures > Blocks No
Riekling Lean-To, Boar Pelt Riekling Lean-To, Boar Pelt Structures > Tents No
Riekling Rack, Giant Bone Riekling Rack, Giant Bone Structures > Racks No
Riekling Shelter, Painted Megaliths Riekling Shelter, Painted Megaliths Structures > Tents No
Riekr Tent, Snowy Riekr Tent, Snowy Structures > Tents No
Riverhold Defense Spikes, Piled Riverhold Defense Spikes, Piled Structures > Building Components No
Riverhold Defense Spikes, Roof-Mounted Riverhold Defense Spikes, Roof-Mounted Structures > Fences No
Riverhold Defense Spikes, Tripod Riverhold Defense Spikes, Tripod Structures > Fences No
Rough Block, Dark Stone Rough Block, Dark Stone Structures > Blocks No
Rough Block, Light Stone Rough Block, Light Stone Structures > Blocks No
Rough Block, Stone Brick Rough Block, Stone Brick Structures > Blocks No
Rough Block, Stone Chunk Rough Block, Stone Chunk Structures > Blocks No
Rough Block, Stone Section Rough Block, Stone Section Structures > Blocks No
Rough Block, Stone Slab Rough Block, Stone Slab Structures > Blocks No
Rough Limestone Tile Rough Limestone Tile Structures > Blocks No
Rough Plank, Long Rough Plank, Long Structures > Planks No
Rough Planks, Narrow Rough Planks, Narrow Structures > Planks No
Rough Planks, Platform Rough Planks, Platform Structures > Planks No
Rough Planks, Wide Rough Planks, Wide Structures > Planks No
Rough Platform, Stage Rough Platform, Stage Structures > Platforms Yes
Rough Tarp, Oversized Rough Tarp, Oversized Structures > Tents No
Rough Tarp, Standard Rough Tarp, Standard Structures > Tents No
Rough Timber Rough Timber Structures > Blocks No
Scavenged Grating, Narrow Scavenged Grating, Narrow Structures > Platforms No

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