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Furniture in category Suite

Name Category Craftable
Solitude Wall Mirror, Ornate Solitude Wall Mirror, Ornate Mirrors > Suite Yes
Solitude Wardrobe, Noble Solitude Wardrobe, Noble Wardrobes > Suite Yes
Solitude Wardrobe, Rustic Solitude Wardrobe, Rustic Wardrobes > Suite Yes
Soul Gem Crate Soul Gem Crate Trunks > Suite No
Telvanni Bed, Fungal Double Telvanni Bed, Fungal Double Bedding > Suite Yes
Telvanni Bed, Organic Telvanni Bed, Organic Bedding > Suite Yes
Telvanni Chest, Fungal Telvanni Chest, Fungal Trunks > Suite Yes
Telvanni Dresser, Large Fungal Telvanni Dresser, Large Fungal Dressers > Suite Yes
Telvanni Dresser, Small Fungal Telvanni Dresser, Small Fungal Dressers > Suite Yes
Telvanni Mirror, Fungal Telvanni Mirror, Fungal Mirrors > Suite Yes
Telvanni Nightstand, Fungal Telvanni Nightstand, Fungal Nightstands > Suite Yes
Telvanni Nightstand, Organic Telvanni Nightstand, Organic Nightstands > Suite Yes
Telvanni Wardrobe, Fungal Telvanni Wardrobe, Fungal Wardrobes > Suite Yes
Trifold Mirror of Alternatives Trifold Mirror of Alternatives Mirrors > Suite No
Undaunted Chest Undaunted Chest Trunks > Suite No
Vampiric Bed, Canopy Vampiric Bed, Canopy Bedding > Suite Yes
Vampiric Bed, Full Vampiric Bed, Full Bedding > Suite Yes
Vampiric Bed, Single Vampiric Bed, Single Bedding > Suite Yes
Vampiric Divider, Ornate Vampiric Divider, Ornate Dividers > Suite Yes
Vampiric Dresser, Polished Vampiric Dresser, Polished Dressers > Suite Yes
Vampiric Mirror, Standing Vampiric Mirror, Standing Mirrors > Suite Yes
Vampiric Trunk, Ornate Metal Vampiric Trunk, Ornate Metal Trunks > Suite Yes
Vampiric Trunk, Polished Wood Vampiric Trunk, Polished Wood Trunks > Suite Yes
Vampiric Wall Mirror Vampiric Wall Mirror Mirrors > Suite Yes
Vampiric Wardrobe, Ornate Vampiric Wardrobe, Ornate Wardrobes > Suite Yes
Vivec's Grand Bed Vivec's Grand Bed Bedding > Suite No
Wood Elf Bedding, Layered Wood Elf Bedding, Layered Bedding > Suite Yes
Wood Elf Bedding, Padded Wood Elf Bedding, Padded Bedding > Suite Yes
Wood Elf Bedding, Scattered Wood Elf Bedding, Scattered Bedding > Suite Yes
Wood Elf Divider, Narrow Wood Elf Divider, Narrow Dividers > Suite Yes
Wood Elf Divider, Relaxed Wood Elf Divider, Relaxed Dividers > Suite Yes
Wood Elf Divider, Stretched Wood Elf Divider, Stretched Dividers > Suite Yes
Wood Elf Divider, Taut Wood Elf Divider, Taut Dividers > Suite Yes
Wood Elf Hammock, Double Wood Elf Hammock, Double Bedding > Suite Yes
Wood Elf Hammock, Single Wood Elf Hammock, Single Bedding > Suite Yes

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